Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A project with Yona Friedman

This blog is a special blog. It has a clear start and a clear end.

It reports about a project we are doing with Yona Friedman, one of the most important architects of the whole XXth century.
Before to go on, it could be useful to specify who are we and what we do.

Who is:

- 2A+P a group of architects from Rome
- Id-lab, a strange group of designers and technologists working in Milan:
- Lisa Parola from a.titolo (a group of people working in contemporary art field):

And Yona?

Well, this is what is this blog about...

1 comment:

John A. said...

ok - first thank you / merci/ grati for your very interesting blog!
I am an Architect here in Ireland -
since I am developing research / proposal for urban/building project/s, have been researching widely - came across Yona Friedman - and many good internet sites - including yours.
My comment is that -
50 years after his original proposal his work is even more relevant!!!