Friday, November 10, 2006


Who is HUO?

Hans Ulrich Obrist.

A friend of ours, very active curator, thinker, organizer.
Why do we make a post on him?
Well, because we have to thank him, otherwise this project (as well as this blog) would not exist...

Because in the previous story we forgot to mention how we got in touch with mr. Yona.

Once we decided we wanted to know him, still we didn't know how to contact him.

Thanks to kind Hans Ulrich, we had the link. Yona was pleased to talk to soeone who was given by Hans Ulrich his phone.


Who is Hans Ulrich?

He is a writer
He is a curator/organizer

He is many other thousand persons but this is enough to start. Now Hans Ulrich is at the Serpentine Gallery in London.


Relevant to our story is to know that also Yona Friedman was involved in Hans Ulrich "do-it" project (see the link above).

This was the contribution by Yona;


To build a city -- 2002

Draw any regular or irregular contour line showing the floor plan of the home you desire (not necessary to indicate partition walls)

The scale of the drawing should be 1 cm = 1 m

send us back by e-mail or fax your drawing

all the drawings sent back will be displayed together within a grid (an "infrastructure") of 10 cm / 10 cm mesh model

the collection of all drawings (floor-plans) sent back will be pasted onto the grid: the whole collection will represent the urban plan of "Utopia - City"

Do not forget to inscribe your name into your plan.

Paris, 18.4.02 |

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