Monday, December 04, 2006


The first survey of Friedman's work and research was presented as an exhibition at NAI in Rotterdam in May 1999. There was also an accompanying catalogue, published by NAI Publishers.


In the MART museum, in Rovereto and Trento, Yona Friedman just had an exhibition, where two sculptures/structures/installations were presented. One called Nonument (right) and one called Merzstrukturen (left).


Friedman just published a new book with the Catalan publisher Actar.
'Pro Domo' is "a collection of fragments of scattered topics," a set of "milestones" selected by the author himself. In his words, these highlights are not meant as a testament nor do they, “form a coherent whole”. Instead, they form a personal selection chosen “according to their sentimental value” and span fifty-year period of production dating from the foundation of GEAM. The book includes building structure studies, urban design theories, observations on regional development, as well as design manuals for self-construction and competition projects.

Do it

Yona Friedman participated to the Do-it project, a serie of manuals and exhibitions, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, where artists offer instructions to realise their work.
This is his proposal from 2002.

To build a city

1 Draw any regular or irregular contour line showing the floor plan of the home you desire (not necessary to indicate partition walls)

2 The scale of the drawing should be 1 cm = 1 m

3 send us back by e-mail or fax your drawing

4 all the drawings sent back will be displayed together within a grid (an "infrastructure") of 10 cm / 10 cm mesh model

5 the collection of all drawings (floor-plans) sent back will be pasted onto the grid: the whole collection will represent the urban plan of "Utopia - City"

6 Do not forget to inscribe your name into your plan.

Paris, 18.4.02

Utopie Realizzabili

Several Italian authors have been writing recently on Yona Friedman works and books.
"Utopie Realizzabili" review.
"Utopie Realizzabili" debate.

Friday, December 01, 2006

1:1 model - some experiment

This is our first experiment of a 1:1 model. Since size matters...